Clutter-free environment facilitates comprehensive clean

By December 16, 2009Articles

Domestic cleaners should make sure homes are free from clutter and mess before they embark on a comprehensive carpet cleaning regimen. According to Herald Net, removing or organising clutter makes each room much easier to clean and allows householders to devote their attention to removing stubborn carpet stains.

Domestic cleaners were also advised to start cleaning first thing in the morning because stains, dust and cobwebs are much visible in daylight. “Also, a morning start with time left over to do something you want to do won’t leave you feeling like you’ve spent the entire day cleaning,” Herald Net explained.

The publication advised domestic cleaners to group similar tasks together, as it is much easier to get chores done when working in a systematic and organised manner. “For example, vacuum all the rooms that need vacuuming so you’re not taking the vacuum cleaner out for one room, putting it back, then taking it out again for another room,” Herald Net advised. Cleaning machines company RydoExpress recently said vacuum cleaners are the best tools for achieving a comprehensive clean and are more effective than merely sweeping with a broom.


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