Cleaning tips for outgoing homeowners

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Cleaning tips for outgoing homeowners

When householders come to the end of their tenancy, landlords usually require them to carry out a thorough end of tenancy cleaning spree to keep the premises fresh for the new occupants.

There are a few simple tips outgoing occupants need to take heed of as they embark on their cleaning regime so their home is free of dirt, dust and grime.

Firstly, ensure carpets are thoroughly vacuumed with an effective cleaning machine and cleansed with a rug shampooer.

Secondly, ensure all hard surfaces are dusted and kept free of germs and pet hair.

Professional House Cleaners can be called on to take care of all the domestic tasks householders have no time for themselves.

Trained domestic cleaners will be able to reach all the hard-to-reach areas of the home that ordinary vacuum cleaners and nozzles may be incapable of reaching.

They are also able to use tried and tested cleaning techniques to ensure that tasks are carried out with maximum efficiency.

Writing in Pasadena Star News, lifestyle expert Mary Hunt recently advised householders that steam cleaners are an extremely effective way of removing stains from carpet fibres.

She also recommended the use of liquid spot removers instead of soap. Local cleaning companies provide a wide range of end of tenancy cleaning services for all your domestic needs.

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