Cleaning the home

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Cleaning the home

Domestic Cleaning can help people gain a good workout as well as improve the appearance of their homes, it has been suggested.

According to Wales Online, most people think of cleaning as a chore, but it can provide an excellent way for home cleaners to keep their hearts and muscles in great shape, as well as burn away calories.

The publication pointed out that vacuum cleaning in a brisk manner can help work the arms, as the pushing and pulling motions have a toning effect on the forearms and biceps.

Cleaning windows and household ornaments adorned on the walls can also help tone arms when done in vigorous small circular motions. Furthermore, moving around heavy furniture to clean hard-to-reach areas can provide a work out for legs and buttocks.

“Tackle the mountain of ironing while standing to burn 190 calories per hour, double what you’d burn sat down watching TV,” the publication noted.

“Put in some serious elbow grease and give your home a thorough spring clean and get double rewards from a job well done: a fresh and vibrant home and a great heart-friendly workout.”

According to Nutristrategy, cleaning the home for an hour allows a 130-pound individual to burn 207 calories.

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