Cleaning services help boost recycling

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 Cleaning services help boost recycling

Council Cleaning Services are helping to boost recycling efforts in Staffordshire, it has emerged.

A new pilot scheme has been set up by South Staffordshire Council which sees twigs and leaves swept up by street cleaners recycled rather than taken to landfill.

The council claims the scheme could generate as much as 1,000 tonnes of extra recycling every year.

This could save the local authority some £48,000 a year on landfill tax.

Councillor Joan Williams, said: “Our street cleaning team are out and about all week keeping our roads and streets clean. We collect lots of leaves, twigs and grass, especially at this time of year, so it just makes sense to get this all composted rather than sending it to landfill.”

Recently, statistics released by the government revealed that recycling rates in South Staffordshire have almost hit 50 per cent.

It follows this week’s release of the annual Local Environment Quality Survey for England, which found that levels of smoking related litter, confectionery packaging, non-alcoholic drink and fast food related litter have all risen in the past year.

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