Cleaning product fumes affect family

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Cleaning product fumes affect family

Britons may wish to consider hiring Professional Cleaners after hearing how one family was overcome by the fumes from their cleaning products.

Firefighters had to rescue two adults and a child in Clare, near Watlington in Oxfordshire, after two products mixed together.

The mixture had created a toxic chlorine gas which caused the family to experience breathing problems, reports have suggested.

Crews were brought in around 17:00 on Tuesday, February 1st and the family was given immediate medical attention.

Incident commander and station manager Gary D’Anger said: “The occupants had been using a chemical drain blocker and mixed this with a cleaning product to cleanse a waste pipe. These two chemicals produced a very toxic chlorine gas which caused the occupiers breathing difficulties.

“Very toxic chemicals and gases can be produced by mixing different cleaning products together which can cause very serious and sometime permanent injuries. Always follow the instructions on the bottle and never mix cleaning products.”

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