Cleaning companies may benefit from new enzyme development

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Cleaning companies may benefit from new enzyme development

A US-based firm has developed and launched a revolutionary set of products that may appeal to professional cleaning companies.

Biotech Medical has released its SpectraSan “Hungry Enzymes” range, which it has claimed can provide serious competition to standard products.

The two key selling points appear to be the use of enzymes and the fact the fluids are environmentally-friendly.

Enzymes act as catalysts and effectively speed up processes – in this case killing germs.

Hard Floor Cleaning is just one of the tasks that the SpectraSan will deal with comfortably, while window cleaners could also see their jobs made easier by using the products.

The Environment Protection Agency has approved the range as being non-harmful to the environment, which may make the substances more appealing to those with a green ideology.

It is unclear whether the sprays will be shipped directly to the UK, but those offering cleaning services may hope the concept of enzyme-based solutions catches on in the UK.

Medical institutions could also clamour for the products, as Biotech Medical noted that they can kill germs 20-times faster than standard disinfectants, making it ideal for hospitals that harbour concerns over the MRSA bug.

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