Cleaning companies hear of shifting attitudes towards renting

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Cleaning companies hear of shifting attitudes towards renting

Firms specialising in end of tenancy cleaning have heard how the UK is generally undergoing a shift in attitudes regarding living arrangements.

According to a Didsbury-based property developer, more people are seeing the benefits of renting rather than buying.

Phil Bradby told the Manchester Evening News that the stigma of renting often found in the UK is non-existent on the continent and many more people in countries such as Germany are quite happy to rent.

However, many UK citizens are being forced to abandon plans to purchase their own abode due to the high cost and uncertain jobs market.

This could prove beneficial to cleaning companies that provide services for landlords on a regular basis, as the number of tenants looking for accommodation may increase.

“If we want to try to change people’s attitudes to renting and people’s perceptions, we have to give people the option to rent something permanent,” Mr Bradby told the publication.

The housing market on the domestic front could be in line for a boost in the near future, after the government announced plans earlier this week to free-up public sector land and make it available to property developers.

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