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How to get the Best from FK Domestics Ltd FK Domestics Ltd is the UK?s top domestic cleaning agency. We provide highly trained cleaners and specialised technicians to clean corporate and residential properties. Our vast database enables us to find the right cleaner for you. Checking & Vetting We perform thorough background checks on all cleaners. Above all of them are reliable and trustworthy. On the rare occasion a cleaner is unable to attend we will of course provide a highly trained replacement. Our vetting system ensures all our cleaners have legitimate references and are entitled to work in the United Kingdom according to current legal requirements. Training Our in-house training provides our cleaners and technicians with an array of skills and expertise that enable them to work efficiently and effectively. In accordance with current Health and Safety regulations all our cleaners are competent when handling chemicals/cleaning materials and operating electrical equipment. We offer a fantastic range of services providing highly trained cleaners and expert technicians. FK Domestics Ltd offers the following excellent services: Domestic cleaning on a regular basis One-off cleaning Pre-tenancy cleaning Post-tenancy cleaning Carpet cleaning Cleaning upholstery (sofas etc) Window cleaning Mattress cleaning Curtain cleaning Hard-Floor cleaning Party Help House sitting After builders cleaning It is our pleasure to match a cleaner around your busy schedule and we can even organise an interview between client and cleaner before any work is undertaken. We are delighted to be recommended to new clients and to show our gratitude we offer attractive awards. Don?t worry if your business or private residence changes address. If you are still in Central or Greater London we can always provide an exemplary standard of service. Our cleaning ladies are part of the FK Domestics Ltd Family and therefore we undertake stringent procedures to ensure honesty and reliability. We review current Passport and/or Birth Certificate and demand proof of address (utilities bill and/or rent book). Due to these policies every cleaner/technician is genuine, honest and above all hard working. We can assure our clients peace of mind. If a problem does occur our customer assistance service is available 7 days a week. Despite all our rigorous checks and interview process it is still possible your cleaner may prove unreliable. This is a rare occurrence and the majority of our clients enjoy a fruitful relationship with our workers. However, it would be remiss of us not to review possible problems and how best to resolve them. Below are the most common causes of concern: ? Poor Attendance ? Not showing for a designated interview. ? Not showing for work. ? Arriving late ? Leaving early ? Quitting soon after starting ? Missing days due to illness and unscheduled holidays The only way to resolve any problem is by letting us know as soon as possible. If we are unaware of the issue then we cannot rectify the problem. We understand that you may be stressed but when contacting us please be calm and courteous. We will do everything within our power to turn the situation around and put a smile back on your face: We will: ? Liaise with the cleaner and if necessary dissolve our contract if he/she proves unreliable. ? Arrange a replacement if the problem cannot be rectified. Employing a cleaner on a private capacity is a very risky move. Hoping your cleaner is honest, reliable and hardworking is a constant worry. FK Domestics Ltd eliminates the risk and hassle and will provide you with an exceptional cleaner. Despite our best efforts problems can occur with domestic cleaning staff. As long as you contact us FK Domestics Ltd can and will resolve the problem. If for any reason there is a communication breakdown between client and cleaner then we can intervene on the client?s behalf. We can even arrange additional training if the situation calls for it. Unless we hear from you it is assumed that everything is in order and you are satisfied with the arrangement. Remember: We can only help if you contact us directly. Testimonials ?It is a pleasure to deal with a company that is genuine about client satisfaction. I have found the staff to be polite, punctual and hardworking and always perform an excellent job. Not only is your standard service top notch but when we requested additional help at short notice you were only too happy to oblige.? ?When I needed a cleaner the internet seemed like a good place to start. There were many sites advertising cleaners at very cheap rates. I hired a young lady who seemed only too happy to have the work. Apart from being late on several occasions the first few months were fine but soon her punctuality worsened, her cleaning was half hearted and some days she didn?t even turn up. As if this wasn?t bad enough she began pestering me for an increase in her salary. I felt like I was being used. Then with only one days notice she went on holiday for 4 weeks leaving me in the lurch. I knew then I wanted to use a professional company to take control and alleviate the stress. I have been with FK Domestics Ltd for over two years and I am very happy with their service. If a problem does occur they arrange for a reliable replacement cleaner. My only regret is not using them sooner.? ?Dear FK Domestics Ltd, I feel so lucky I have found a professional cleaning company that can not only supply me with an honest and reliable worker but can also liaise easily between client and cleaner. I work extremely long hours and unfortunately I have not the time to clean. I hired a private cleaner and gave her keys to my flat. Within two weeks she vanished along with my house keys. Her contact details proved to be false. I had to change all the locks in my house and I swear I will never use a private cleaner again. FK Domestics Ltd has restored my faith in cleaners. It is wonderful to return home from work to a house that is immaculate and fresh. My cleaner even leaves nice messages for me and always asks if there is anything else to be done. I am constantly recommending your services simply because you provide such a high standard of customer care.? ?At first I was dubious about using a ?company? instead of a private cleaner but the service is excellent and the cleaning is first rate. Thank you for a job well done.? S. James ?I signed with FK Domestics Ltd for ?one year domestic cleaning? and I am thrilled with the results. As a bonus I was offered free carpet cleaning. I have used other carpet cleaners in the past but thanks to you my carpets have never looked better. I will definitely recommend you to my friends.? R. Smith ?We are so happy with FK Domestics Ltd we have decided to take out the 3 year option, great value for money and hassle free.? Ali Shah ?Through work I am being relocated abroad. I want to thank you for your excellent service over the last 3 years. I can only hope I find a company as good as FK Domestics Ltd whilst I?m away.? P. Webber ?I used FK Domestics Ltd for a one-off clean but I was so impressed with the professionalism and reliability that I have decided to sign up for a year. I have recommended you to all my friends.? K. Barber Date: 6/06/2007

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