Clean as you go, expert advises

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 Clean as you go, expert advises

An expert has advised householders to clear up any mess they create as they cook in order to cut down their House Cleaning time.

Naomi Ben-David, of Green Prophet, pointed out that the minute cooking begins, mess starts to accumulate very easily and soon, householders can find themselves practically buried in an avalanche of mess.

In order to avoid this, Ms Ben-David advised homeowners to throw away scraps of food immediately and wash up cooking utensils as they use them. Conducting the house cleaning in this piecemeal, step-by-step fashion makes it a much less daunting task and saves plenty of time to boot.

Ms Ben-David also highlighted the importance of keeping kitchen tops clear of unnecessary items, as this helps reduce the chances of havoc developing.

“Nobody likes working surrounded by clutter, so try to keep space clear on the counter tops and in the fridge,” she said.

“When you have space to put things, you will feel more organised – after all, making meals is hectic enough without having to tidy up first.”

Manufacturer VaporLux recently advised domestic cleaners not to forget to clean grout, as this is where food particles and mould tend to develop.

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