Chimney and gutters should be cleaner ahead of winter

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 Chimney and gutters should be cleaner ahead of winter

In order to prepare homes for winter weather, chimneys and gutters should be the target of Domestic Cleaning, it has been claimed.

According to personal finance journalist Jo Thornhill, in an article for the Daily Mail, there are number of things people should do to their homes to ensure they are not caught out by a sudden cold snap like the one experienced last year.

Part of her advice is to sweep the chimney, with fires likely to be lit more regularly as the temperature drops.

Sweeping minimises damage to flues caused by acids released when fuel is burnt, while reducing the risk of fire or smoke drifting back into the home.

Furthermore, people should make sure they clean the gutters and drains, removing leaves and other debris to prevent leaks and blockages.

Other advice to prepare the home for winter includes getting the boiler serviced and getting it insured, switching to a cheaper energy supplier, checking the roof for leaks and damage and upgrading to more energy-efficient heating systems.

Jeff Lowenfels, in a recent article in the Anchorage Daily News, recommended using house plants to help enhance air quality during the winter months when windows remain shut to keep out the cold.

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