Cat owners warned of dangers of domestic cleaning product to pets

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Cat owners warned of dangers of domestic cleaning product to pets

Chemicals used in Domestic Cleaning could pose a danger to pets, it has been suggested.

According to Pet Poison Helpline, cleaning chemicals are one of the most common causes of cat poisoning.

The company has said that six per cent of calls it receives regarding cat poisoning are related to household cleaners, making it the fourth most common cause behind the ingestion of drugs, poisonous plants and insecticides.

Pet Poison Helpline says that some common kitchen cleaners, bathroom cleaners and carpet cleaners can be toxic to cats.

These can cause symptoms ranging from profuse drooling, difficulty breathing, vomiting and even organ damage, reports

It advises cat owners to check that all excess liquid or residue is wiped up or eliminated after domestic cleaning.

The company also urges pet owners to contact their vet or to call their help line in any case where their cat is behaving abnormally or is showing signs of illness.

According to Bristol University’s Department of Clinical Veterinary Science, around 26 per cent of UK households own a cat.

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