Carpet cleaning tips offered

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Carpet cleaning tips offered

While a number of common carpet stains can be removed with the right tools and a little patience, others are better dealt with by industry professionals, it has been claimed.

London Carpet Cleaning Companies may be well positioned to help the capital’s residents combat tougher stains.

Individuals may be tempted to try their hand at removing stains from carpets, but in doing so they may be wise to follow some simple advice, industry veteran Ralph Grimes told news provider the Star Telegram.

He noted that many new carpets come with a protective coating, but said that this can wear off over the years, and as it does, the way in which stains are treated may need to change.

For stains caused by dirt and mud, Mr Grimes recommends waiting until the dirt is dry before tackling it – as it will be easier to remove when dry.

And stains left after the worst of the mud has been removed can usually be tackled with a combination of warm water and vinegar, he added. “Eighty-six per cent of the discolouration on carpets is ground-up soil and the other 14 per cent are stains,” he told the news provider.

Earlier this month an expert highlighted the importance of taking the time to regularly clean beds and bedding. Jeff May noted that such items can harbour an array of mites and bugs, but said regular cleaning can help to limit their numbers.

London cleaning agencies can be contacted for all carpet cleaning needs.

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