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Your carpet is a breeding ground for ill health. All manner of things outside the home attach themselves to the bottom of shoes and find their way into your carpet. Dirt, airborne pollutants, and microorganisms get embedded deep into the fibres. Additionally, carpeting serves as an in home air filter.

Dirt and dust particles inside the home are dragged into the carpeting by gravity where they get trapped the fibres. When the carpet becomes saturated with filth, however, it starts to release those harmful particles back into the air. To maintain good health, it is recommended that you acquire the regular services of a cleaning company that specialises in Carpet Cleaning London.

Vacuum cleaning maintains dust levels to a certain degree. It definitely removes any visible dirt on the surface, and a few of the really good vacuum cleaners will get some of the dirt trapped in the carpet fibres. However, experienced carpet cleaning technitians will get all the soil, dust mites, mould, and other allergens that are packed in between the fibres, clean the fibres themselves as well as scrape up the dirt that has made its way deep into the backing. Not only will carpet cleaning London extract stubborn stains that have been plaguing you for months, they will refresh your carpet so it can perform its air filtering duties efficiently once again.

There are two main techniques that carpet cleaners will utilize to deep clean your carpets and rugs. They will either use a steam cleaning or dry carpet cleaning technique. Steam cleaning is the most commonly used method of carpet cleaning. A high pressure steam is used to run water and carpet cleaning product through the carpet, which is then sucked back up using a powerful hose. This method gets deep to the carpet’s roots and is safe to use on most types of materials in use today. However, it can take several hours for your carpet to dry completely.

The dry cleaning technique is the second way carpet cleaning London will refresh your carpets and rugs. This method entails using no-moisture foam that attracts and traps the dirt. Usually an agitator, scrubbing brushes or a buffer is used to help shake all the dirt loose before it is vacuumed up.
Since no water is used, this method is safe for delicate carpets and your floor will dry much faster. Whichever London carpet cleaning technique you ultimately go with, make sure it is performed by fully trained and insured carpet cleaners to ensure a clean and healthy home that provides comfort for you and your family.

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