Carpet cleaning could become more expensive

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Carpet cleaning could become more expensive

Homeowners may find it cost-effective to draft in specialised Carpet Cleaning firms, as the price of vacuum cleaners is set to rise.

Manufacturer Electrolux has announced it is hiking the cost of a range of its appliances, including ovens, fridges and washing machines, Which? reports.

As well as this, it has warned consumers its line of vacuum cleaners will also be the subject of a price increase of between five and seven per cent.

This is down to the increased cost of raw materials and transportation and the rise will take effect in October 2011.

Therefore, it may be wise for carpet cleaners who had been planning to purchase an Electrolux product to do so before the autumn.

Which? has hailed various pieces of Electrolux equipment as “Best Buys” in the past.

Representative Carole Shepherdson said: “It’s getting increasingly difficult to find good-value appliances. But remember, it’s not just about the price you pay – you should also factor in how much an appliance costs to run per year.”

Bosch could provide an alternative for homeowners, after it recently released its BSGL3205GB model, which is said to be good at removing pet hairs from carpets.

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