Carpet cleaning could be aided by Bosch product

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Carpet cleaning could be aided by Bosch product

Homeowners who have worn out their vacuum due to excessive Carpet Cleaning may consider purchasing a Bosch product in the future.

The firm has launched its BSGL3205GB model, which it has claimed is ideal for getting out pet hairs from carpets.

It is also great for upholstery cleaning purposes and may prove favourable with people who allow their beloved cats and dogs to roam freely around the house.

Bosses at the company are hoping the design can replicate previous models that have landed Bosch a number of mentions in “best buy” awards run by publications such as Which? magazine.

Although a mouthful to say, the BSGL3205GB is said to make light work of domestic cleaning chores due to several functions such as a metal telescopic tube, which allow users to perform their tasks comfortably and efficiently.

“We know we make extraordinarily good vacuum cleaners the public loves,” commented Bosch Small Appliances product marketing manager Jane Lee.

“But we are not complacent and we are continually looking at ways to maintain the same level of quality and innovation in future models.”

Bosch has recently received the kitemark award from the British Standards Institute after taking measures to reduce emissions.

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