Calls made for the use of eco-friendly cleaning products

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Calls made for the use of eco-friendly cleaning products

Calls have been made for individuals embarking upon household cleaning projects to ensure that they are using eco-friendly cleaning products.

Whether carrying out Carpet Cleaning or other domestic cleaning jobs, the use of natural cleaners can prove to be effective in removing stains and marks, argued the EcoWaste Coalition.

And while helping to keep a home clean, natural cleaners tend to have less of a negative effect on the environment.

“Try and adopt non-toxic household cleaningand maintenance options. Let a safe and healthy home be our shared contribution towards a sustainable future for all,” the organisation said in a recent blog posting.

Using natural cleaners can help to prevent family exposure to an array of chemicals, the organisation said.

Aside from helping the environment, cleaners should remember that taking part in the household task can help to burn calories – giving individuals a workout at the same time as they spruce up the appearance of their home.

News provider Wales Online recently reported that vacuum cleaning in particular can be an effective workout for both the forearms and the biceps, while moving around heavier items of furniture and cleaning in hard to reach places can give leg and buttock muscles some exercise.

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