Brighton council unveils gum-busting cleaning machine

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Brighton council unveils gum-busting cleaning machine

Local authorities in Brighton have unveiled a new cleaning machine that is designed to clear away dirt and gum on the city’s streets more effectively.

The machine, which will be used by contract cleaners, is capable of removing up to 100,000 pieces of chewing gum from the pavement and can clean around 200 metres (656ft) of pavement an hour.

Brighton and Hove City Council hopes that the equipment, which costs £123,000, will help reduce the city’s £25,000 annual chewing gum cleaning bill.

“I’m declaring war on the dreadful blight of chewing gum discarded on our city’s streets,” commented council leader Mary Mears.

“I want visitors to Brighton and Hove to be greeted by sparkling clean pavements, not by the unpleasant sight of sticky gum stains,” she added.

Ms Mears called on local residents to play their own part in maintaining a clean and tidy city by putting chewing gum in the bin instead of throwing it on the ground.

The council said contract cleaning staff were previously cleaning up to 2.2 million pieces of gum a year from around 48,000 square feet of pavement.
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