Big Brother housemate Rachael White

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Big Brother housemate Rachael White

Big Brother contestant Rachael White is the housemate most likely to get the domestic cleaning done, it has emerged. Jasmine Brown, the real-life housemate of the Beyonce Knowles lookalike, said White loves house cleaning and will probably be the one who takes the most interest in keeping the communal residence dirt-free. Speaking to the Derby Evening Telegraph, Brown, 23, said: “Rachael does a lot of the cleaning. I’ve already seen that in the Big Brother house she’s always wiping the kitchen table.” Brown added however, that although her housemate is good at domestic cleaning, she is not too keen on cooking. “I couldn’t really cook but when Rachael moved in I started to do it more because she couldn’t and now I really enjoy it,” she said. White, who hails from Derby, entered the Big Brother house last Wednesday. When she made it through the final rounds of the Big Brother auditions, she went off on a three-month working holiday in Ibiza. While White has professed her love for cleaning, Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson recently confessed that she does not like completing domestic chores around the house and prefers to leave them to her husband, fellow actor Ryan Reynolds. Posted by Antoaneta Tsocheva

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