Bicarb soda

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Bicarb soda

Revellers who are faced with the grim task of after party cleaning can make light work of it by using bicarb soda.

According to G Magazine, the substance is ideal as it has a number of functions.

It is proficient at removing stubborn drink stains, thus is perfect for carpet cleaning chores.

However, bicarb can be used on a variety of surfaces, so those looking to smarten up their door handles or even cutlery sets can utilise the powder.

“Depending on what you’ve got to clean, bicarb can be used as a powder, a paste or a solution,” the publication noted.

Mixing it with water and applying it to stains on barbeques or in the shower can prove to be very worthwhile.

The publication noted that bicarb can be useful in the laundry process, with a little sprinkle working wonders in eradicating bad smells from socks.

Although the substance is odourless, it is extremely good at neutralising scents and can often be more effective than air fresheners.

Using items from the kitchen cupboards for cleaning purposes has also been endorsed by Laura Herring, who wrote for the De Soto Explorer that using bicarb is far more environmentally-friendly than bleach.

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