Anti-bacterial domestic cleaning product is unveiled

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Anti-bacterial domestic cleaning product is unveiled

A new Domestic Cleaning product which helps kill bacteria and maintain hygiene levels has been launched.

Backed by celebrity TV cleaner Aggie Mackenzie, Aggie’s Probiotic Cleaner has been developed by scientists at environmental biotechnology firm CBio in conjunction with Footprint International to make use of good bacteria to defeat harmful germs.

The good bacteria take the place of harsh chemicals, which are traditionally used by house cleaning products, in order to promote safety and environmental awareness

Scientists at Newcastle University have tested the product and found it to be 13,200 times more effective than market leading anti-bacterial cleaners at inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria such as MRSA after 24 hours.

The cleaner has also been proven to keep surfaces clean for up to eight days.

Ben Hoskyns, managing director at CBio, said: “We’ve all been brought up for decades to believe that the only way to clean is to try and eliminate all bacteria.

“This is about people learning to say, ‘I accept there are bacteria around but I only want the good ones’.”

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