After building cleaning vital, says expert

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After building cleaning vital, says expert

An expert has claimed that After Building Cleaning is vital to avoid accidents and property damage, an expert has claimed.

Speaking to the Calgary Herald, David Litwiller, president of Litwiller Developments Ltd, expressed the importance of regularly cleaning up construction sites both during and after the building process.

“A bunch of two-by-fours lying around with nails sticking out of them, pieces of plywood with sharp edges – all kinds of clutter can be very dangerous to the unassuming and unaware,” he commented.

Not only is this safer, it will also allow the builder to operate more efficiently, Mr Litwiller claims.

“A clean and tidy work site will be a lot more efficient for the builder,” he said.

The expert also advised that homeowners make clear in the contract with the builder what level of waste removal and housekeeping is expected so that the responsibility is clearly placed on the contractor and the subcontractors they employ.

Housing minister Grant Shapps recently announced plans to help encourage people to embark on self-build housing projects by giving local communities greater say over planning rules and locations where homes can be built.

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