A Guide To Keeping Your Carpet Clean To Improve It’s Lifespan

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A Guide To Keeping Your Carpet Clean To Improve It's Lifespan


When it comes to a thorough carpet clean, it sure is a long laborious job. Should you get an expert in, or do it yourself. If you to go down the do it yourself route you will ideally need to rent a good machine that is designed to deep clean removing those tough stains that you don’t normally see. Your household carpets should be cleaned at least once a year, also depending on the amount of battering they take.

Instantly mopping up any spills straight away will certainly help. Most times water alone will do the job, but always keep a cleaning solution in storage that is designed for use on fabrics or especially carpets. You can buy these products from your local department store.

The cleanliness of the flooring will also reflect the cleanliness of your home as a whole. Many of the dust particles that are in the air will come from the carpet. 75% of the dirt in your home is in your carpet. So therefore purchasing a good quality vacuum cleaning machine is essential. It’s the difference between doing a job, or doing half a job, ie leaving dirt deep within the pile. Electrolux have always been well known for manufacturing the market leading vacuum cleaners, with excellent lifespan. It’s true that if you buy cheap, then you buy twice. Having an entrance mat will without a doubt help reduce the amount of dirt outdoor shoes bring in. Removing your shoes in the porch or entrance area will certainly help, by eliminating the mass of dirt.

Regular cleaning will increase the life of your carpet, but after years of foot traffic treading and cleaning the day will come when the carpet does need to be replaced. It may be that it’s just the high traffic areas such as in the doorways that really need replacing. You may want to consider using carpet tiles as small squares can easily be replaced rather than the whole carpet in that room. This is normally the case in offices, and workplaces. When it comes to the home more people are in their comfort zone with a fitted carpet. Office carpet tiles are actually becoming more common in the family home. Some very unique designs can be created. Well if you are sticking with the traditional fitted carpet, then when the time comes the rooms carpet will need replacing. Just look after the new carpet this time round.


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