Domestic Cleaning Tips – How to Remove Chewing Gum From Clothes

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There’s nothing more annoying and embarrassing than accidentally sitting on chewing gum that some idiot left on a bench, bus seat or a dark cinema auditorium. It’s enough to ruin your whole day, because you probably won’t be going home for a good few hours and you’re stuck with this unsightly blob on your bum that won’t come off despite your best efforts!

At least when you get home you’ll be able to follow these simple domestic cleaning tips on how to remove that awful chewing gum.

Boiling Water

Submerge the clothing in boiling water.
Scrape the chewing gum off with an old toothbrush or a dull knife.

If there’s room, you could put the item of clothing in the freezer with the chewing gum exposed.
Leave it in there for a few hours to completely harden the gum.
Scrape off the chewing gum using a dull knife.

Heat a cup of vinegar.
Apply it to the chewing gum with an old toothbrush.
Scrub away the chewing gum until it’s completely off the item of clothing.
Re-heat the vinegar if necessary.
Once the chewing gum is off you can wash the clothing as normal to get rid of the vinegar smell.
Tackling little messes like this is relatively easy, however doing all the washing and ironing takes up a lot of time, which not everyone has the luxury of. With just one phone call to a domestic cleaning agency London you could have an experienced house cleaner and ironing lady come and take the burden of chores off your hands.

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