Carpet Cleaning Tips – 3 ways of removing red wine from your carpet

Carpet Cleaning London

Carpet Cleaning London

Carpet Cleaning Tips – 3 ways of removing red wine from your carpet

On New Year’s Eve, when that glass of red wine was spilled on the carpet, you were far too concerned about enjoying your party to get down on all fours and attempt to remove the mess. So you throw a few paper towels down to soak up the wine and leave it at that. There’s always tomorrow after all!

But now, over a week into the new year, when things are finally getting back to normal, you’re left with the most unsightly wine stain in the middle of your carpet, despite your best efforts to remove it.

I wouldn’t give up just yet, there’s no need to whip out that credit card to buy a new carpet. Here are easier and cheaper solutions that will push the disaster to the back of your mind. Just follow these simple carpet cleaning tips:


This is a good way of soaking up the red wine and preventing it from setting into the carpet fibres and staining. It will buy you more time while you decide your next course of action.

Fizzy Water

Pour carbonated water over the red wine stain and watch those bubbles lift it out of the carpet fibres, then blot the excess liquid with paper towels.

White Wine

It sounds ludicrous, but it actually works! Pour white wine over the red wine to neutralise it, this will prevent the carpet from staining in the first place. The same method can also be used on dresses.

Of course, if you’re looking to clean the whole of your carpet then the best option is to call a carpet cleaning company London.

Carpet cleaning London uses expert equipment and non-toxic cleaning products to breathe life back into your dull and stained carpet.

If you have any carpet cleaning tips of any kind, then share them with us by leaving a comment. We will blog about the best submissions!

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